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adventures of Manni the wonderdog

We are not medium!!

This will be a short post for once.

We went to the clinic to get x-rays on Friday.  We are now 16 months post amp and back then we were told that the median survival with amp and chemo would be 15-18 months. So, being me, I went in prepared for the worst.

I come prepared!

I expected mets, so I thought I’d inform myself of all recent advances and brought a lot of print-outs to be able to discuss this with the vet.

I am blogging today, though, to give hope to people who are just facing the diagnosis, or the surgery, or the aftermath. It came as a total surprise to me, but:


There is hope, people. I would never say that we are cured. And if Manni lived another ten years it would still not be enough. But we have made it this far!!

This is our celebratory picture:

Ice cream celebration!

For everyone starting this journey, I made a little video of the first 12 or so months of Manni’s journey, really mainly to show how his motion got better, how much practice and balance it took to finally get to his 3/4 waltz tact. It’s a little long but it shows the difference from the first weeks to a year later pretty well.

As you can imagine, we’re pretty happy right now and are enjoying life.

Love and hugs from over here,

tina & Waltzing Mathilda



  1. purrkins

    MANNI is METS FREE 16 months post amp!
    The video is Inspirational and a huge hope for others with osteo!
    What a huge sigh of relief!
    Keep on kicking Cancers Rear Manni
    We are ecstatic for you!! for you both❣️❣️
    Holly & Purrkins

  2. Michelle

    Yay Manni. Way to kick butt. I know this is a load off your mind. Can’t wait to help you celebrate.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. mom2shelby

    WOW~~~~ how did I not realize it was 16 months?!? You are truly amazing Manni!!! Great job buddy! Your waltz is great and I can totally see the improvements … you were always awesome on three but I can see the total confidence as the months went by …

    Congrats on met free! I am so happy to hear that!!! I can’t wait to meet your mama in a couple weeks! Keep on fighting. You are a true hero!

    Much love!
    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little Jasper too)

  4. dobemom

    Not medium indeed! You are a total super hero my boy! Thank you for showing the world that statistics ARE just numbers, that anything is possible. Keep up the great work, your fellow super hero, Nitro, is cheering you on!

    Paula and Nitro

  5. linda8115

    This is such great news indeed Manni & Tina! Loved watching your confidence build in that video! You are rocking for sure! Happy 16 months! So looking forward to meeting your mom in less than 2 weeks. “Well done” is more like it sweet Manni 😉

  6. misterrustybucket

    Tina & Manni – Congratulations! What fantastic news. We are so thrilled for you both and your family. 16 months is incredible and clearly he has been loving every minute. Thank you for posting the video. Rusty is 10 days post amp and to see Manni’s progress was very inspiring. He is a beautiful boy and looks like such a happy spirit. I loved watching him play in the water! We will say a toast to your success! Cheers, Amy & Rusty

  7. charliebear

    Ruh Rohhhhhhh!!!!! MANNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Manni, Manni, Manni…MANNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! CharlieBear is woofling all night long into the wee hours in your honour and EmmaRose is wistfully wishing she could look at your woogly eyes: in other words, Da Bear HQ stands in awe of your awesome, AWESOMENESS . The new news is rather wonderful as well!!! And, ssshhhhhhh, Manni…Wooby Woo was wecently seen watching your Woo Tube Video with wiggly whiskers…MANNNIIIIIIII!!!! We love you!

  8. kazann

    Cheers for Manni beating the odds. We always need good news and to see how well Manni hops arounds – he is so steady. Please tell him he has the best tail ever.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  9. tinsch

    Thank you my friends,
    I am so thankful although the time we have will never be enough. I am also thankful to have you guys, this community, and all the support.
    Love you all

  10. jerry

    Medium? No way, you and Manni are two EXTRA LARGE HEARTS!

    I’m thrilled that he continues to defy the odds. With you as his awesome advocate, how can he not? CONGRATS!!!

    P.S. Great video, thanks! We’re sharing it to inspire and help others when faced with amputation.

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