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adventures of Manni the wonderdog

The Ghost of Christmas Past

I now only ever seem to write on December 10 and that makes it three years now. Three years or a lifetime. I feel like a completely different person with a whole other life – but then again the world around me has changed just as much.

I sometimes feel older than my years and when I imagine you, Manni, it feels like I am looking out of my Granny armchair, with a checkered woolen blanket over my knees, remembering the way the world was then, in Technicolor almost. That’s because it does not feel like the two of us together would ever fit into the world right now so it’s more like revelling in the memories of my youth.

Today, I look out from my armchair and in my mind’s eye I see the first gently falling snow of three years ago, I hear in my mind your quiet whimper early in the morning telling me that the pain is getting too much even for you to bear, I see the painful way I try to make smalltalk with the vet through my held-back tears, I see you hopping into your yard to feel the first snow and I see you, or what once was you, lying peacefully, head slightly sideways on your one front paw, having taken with you everything that defined me.

I let my mind wander back another two years, the two years that broke so much of me and all of you. I see you being taken in for an MRI, after a horrible night of morphine, to find out what was wrong with you and thinking that maybe you just had a thorn in your paw, like the little lion that you were. Two years back to when I had to make the decision in 15 minutes of whether or not to take the leg of an animal that was born to run;  to the nail-biting five days you spent at the clinic with me wondering how in the world I was to know what the right decision was for you and not for me. Getting you back in the sterile surroundings, out of your head on meds and missing a leg. Hearing you scream, loudly, for the first time when I try to get you in the car and then crying my eyes out.

My younger self is shaking a little, eyes getting moist. I tell my mind’s eye to get back to the present and shake off lingering ghosts and horrors. I open my eyes and I see Thilo, in whose eyes I can do no wrong and I am glad he doesn’t know. I see the latest addition to the household, little Erna, who is just so ridiculously cute that it’s almost absurd. I see our new house and am briefly reminded that I purposely left your dissolvable urn in the old yard because it was your yard, really, and you would have wanted to stay.

Scrooge slowly turned into a better person by being visited by his ghosts. What made me a better person, Manni, was you – whatever that makes me now.  And so I once more welcome both your front paws on my knees with the checkered blanket. I hold your head and bury my nose into the silken fur behind your ears and take in your scent. And then I let you go. Again.

Until next year, Baby,

Ich lieb’ dich.

everywhere you go.



  1. paws120

    I remember three years ago. I was new here and had just finished recovering Huck. I remember when you posted that Manni had earned his Angel wings. Three years seems so long ago, yet sometimes it feels like yesterday.
    Sending you big hugs on Manni’s Angelversary, and ear scratches to Thilo and Erna. You are right, they are just incredibly adorable 💖💖💖
    Jackie and Huck 💖

  2. dobemom

    Thinking of you both on this day….a lot has changed (for both of us) since we lost our Warrior dogs 3 years ago. Yet how easy it is to transport ourselves back in time, vividly so; I feel this is both a blessing and a curse. Take care, and allow yourself to be wrapped in adoration and ridiculous cuteness today.

    Much Love…

  3. admin

    Beautiful…thank you for sharing.

  4. benny55

    Speechless, absolutely speechless. This remembrance of Mannie has taken my breath away. What you have written, the way each single word was crafted from your heart, from your love, from your grief, from your heartache…..and from your joy of having Mannie in your life. Yeah, left me speechless and breathless.

    You made it so we were right there with you, watching over your shoulder with your checkered blanket covering your “mature” self as you, looked back through the prism of another time. And yet, I “saw” Mannie put his front paws on your knees, and I “felt” his silky fur of his ears. And this is just me, but I KNOW he is present with you in every word you wrote, every visual you painted. This whole remembrance was, in my opinion, guided by him. Regardless, it was poignant and from words formed in your jeart, not your head.

    And I am so glad Thilo and Erna are crea8 their own p,ace in your heart full of their own treasured memories they are creating with you.

    Yes, Manni has shaped you in ways you are probably still will be discovering. until you two reunite. He definitely is your wise master Sage. He was born I to his earth clothes to be that for you and with you. And we love there person he has helped you to be💖

    Surrounding you with love and light
    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Be Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5. jerry

    Tina, you have always struck me as an old soul wise beyond your years. Manni clearly had so much to do with your evolution into the person you are today. You and he are one, and always will be. Time and distance can never take that away.

    I’m so glad you have Thilo and Erna to bring you more joy, even on cold wintery mornings. You deserve that joy and new memories with special beings like them. Hold them closely and give them some kisses from us.


  6. Michelle

    Three years it seems just like yesterday. Wrap yourself in Manni’s love. He will always be with you. Sending hugs and love

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