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adventures of Manni the wonderdog

Male-cation. Who needs moms anyway? What are you, a baby??

So mom said I was allowed to take over the blog. Huh. I wonder what’s up with that. Not that I need her permission really. I mean, you know. She said that everything’s been said about her trip and she had nothing left to add. I don’t really know what she means by that but I mean really, who cares? I do believe she talks about her being away. and yes, I did notice. Oh yes I did. Nothing gets past me of course! Or what did you think, huh??

You know, one day, we’re having fun, going places, the next day: bam, she’s gone. But  so what. It’s not like I need her. At all.

And there’s always dad. And you know what he said when mom up and left? He said: ok dude, how about a male-cation?? Hey, sure, I said, bring it on!! So off we went in that big version of the Royal Carriage. Dad calls it RV, which is really stupid because shouldn’t it be RC?? Oh well, hoomans. Or fridge-openers, whatever you prefer. Anyway, he spent half a day packing my stuff and off we went. Showing mom that nobody needs her to have fun!!

guys just want to have fun!


It was a really hot weekend and me dad decided that we should cool off and that meant we only went to places that had a lake. Not that I swim. I mean really, Royalty bathes, right??

See the guy in the background? what does he think he’s doing??

So we sent mom these pictures to wherever she was to show her that nobody needs her to have fun! Ha!

And guess what: she sent us these back:

I mean, really?? No idea where that is and who caaaaaares!! If she thinks being with other dogs is more important than being with me I say FINE! Have at it! phhhew.

As you can see, dad and I had tons of fun although I have to say it gets pretty exhausting this life on the road.

So we were gone a few days and then all of a sudden dad said: ok, you’re off to grandma’s!

Hello?? what in the world? I mean, grandma is cool and at least I get to have some peace and quiet there, she takes me to see the neighbors who have a cupboard with goodies in the kitchen and they never close the door so I can get in there better and get me some butter and other good stuff! Those are really nice people that know just how to behave! What grandma doesn’t quite understand yet is that there is no point in walking any other way than the direct route to the neighbors. But I’ve been teaching her by just simply refusing to go anywhere else and just sitting down until she gets it.

so after three nights at grandma’s house all of a sudden, I think, do I see something??

That’s me mom!!! Mom’s back!! Mom’s back!! I get reeeeaaaally excited for about ten seconds before I remember to pout. I can have fun without her and it really is just not ok to just up and leave. and meet other dogs without me. And tell my life-story to people without me holding court.  I’ll show her. There you have it.

However, mom does seem a little more relaxed than before her disappearance. If you ask me she has a tendency to get a little high-strung. Or anxious. I mean, she could just take my cues, really, and act a bit more appropriate around me, as would be fitting for my court. So maybe that trip she went on was a tutorial? “How to behave around dog royalty”, or something like that? Hey, you know, if that’s the case: I’m all for it!

So right the next day she was set on showing me a good time. Not that I need to be shown, mind you, I know very well how to do that. But she went to get the Mannimobile (or little Royal Carriage) and we went to get ice cream! Yay!! If I always get ice cream when she was away, hey! Go! Do it!

and not a day later, they packed up all my stuff again and we took the RC and went to a party at my dad’s brother’s house on the other side of town. I am sure they threw this party for me (who else, really), and they were probably trying to be thoughtful when they also invited a Jack-Russell-Terrier lady for me to have company but they could have chosen someone with a little less energy. Boy, those youngsters get annoying. Seriously! My only way of escaping was getting onto the kids’ trampoline! Ha! That annoying little thing had no way to get on there with me guarding the entrance! So I finally found me a quiet spot. I am so clever sometimes, I amaze myself.

From the party we went off again to spend a night somewhere else yet. Apparently that’s what the RV (RC, tomatoes, tomahtoes…) is meant for, not that I agree. However, the folks finally pimped that one too, to let everyone know to make way for this Royal Highness:

Cool, huh?

We went to a lake again, I had the Mannimobile to relax some (and dry off) and it was pretty nice to be able to be outdoors all the time


It is kind of exhausting at the same time though. And when I get tired I sometimes forget that I’m all grown up, independent and basically cool as can be and then I really just want to have some physical contact with my mom. I have to be close to her and touch her. No cuddling, mind you! And don’t tell anyone of this little weakness of mine or else!!

So when we finally, finally went home again I am sure you can understand that I was reaaaaally tired and let the folks do all the unpacking. I mean, jesters are really for my amusement but they do come in handy in other situations,too.

I am right there!

And when everything was done and I had the first part of my beauty-sleep my mom said that other people also talked a lot about me on her trip. I looked at her and again I thought that sometimes she’s a little daft.  I love her, I really do, but I mean: why wouldn’t they be talking about me, huh?? She also said those people were so kind that they got me presents! What? and she only takes those out now?? Are you kidding?? I immediately started playing with it, it was so cool! But I got tired again really quickly, which is to be excused as I am sure you know. Thank you so much, unknown people! That was very kind of you! I love it!



  1. Michelle

    Awww Manni thank you for sharing your mancation while your mommy was visiting us in the USA. We were so glad we could meet her and hear more about you. It would have made it so much better if you could have made it to but that would have been a way too long of a trip across the big Ocean on a plane. Not what you would have wanted to do.

    I love your take on the “jesters” in your life. You definitely are royalty.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. midnighter94

    Manni! I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time with your daddy & grandma while your mommy was away! Murphy was stuck home with his brother who doesn’t do anything fun at all 🙁 I’m so happy that I got to meet your mom when she came to the US!
    Hugs to you,

  3. dobemom

    Manni, you’ve really got a fantastic life! Looks like you and dad had a great time in the RC, but I bet you were secretly missing your mom. Thank you for letting her come visit us, we had such a good time. The only way it could’ve been better is if you’d been able to be there. You are one lucky boy, that’s for sure. I hope your summer is filled with excellent adventures in your RC! Hug your mom for me, she is a special lady for sure.

    Paula and Nitro

  4. mom2shelby

    MANNI!!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful mom with us here in the states for a few days (and Jasper Lily loved having her as an auntie and helper). You look amazing at the beach. I LOVE dog on the beach sunset photos!!! So pretty.

    What an adventure you had! WOW! Lucky dog! And very smart … the trampoline trick was amazing… perfect spot for you, our royal king.

    Have a fantastic summer holiday and I sooooo look forward to meeting you one day!!!

    XOXO Love and hugs …
    alison, spirit shelby and little jasper lily!

  5. linda8115

    Manni sounds like your malecation was just what you needed. Love all the pictures of you having fun with dad! Amazing adventures you get my man sounds like you’ve got your “jesters” well trained and wrapped around your royal paw! And yes your Mom was on a tutorial vacation to “be more dog” so guess we’ll have to cut her some slack since the whole trip was really for you. We let her practice on some very deserving dogs so we could send her home with an A+ rating. Love you handsome boy and keep Mom and Dad in line ok? Tell your Mom we miss her ok?

  6. benny55

    MAAAAAANNNNNNNIIIIIIII!!! Read this for the FIRST time yesterday and had a big huge smile plastered on my face all day….And still do!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 in fact, I’ve read this several times now and have looked at the ADORABLE MANNI PHOTOS AND VIDEOS numerous times!!! Why? Because I cannot get enough MANN I!!! 🙂 You can never get too much of a good thing, right??!

    You had the best MAN-CATION EVVVVVER!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 OMD!!!

    BUTTER!!! And you didn’t even have to “sneak” it!! The neighbors left the cup oard open just for you!! You were surrounded by hooman fridge ope ers your e tire man-cation!!

    And your U ncle threw a pawty just for you! He provided you with your very own JESTERS!!

    I do hope you get yiur cery own trampoline! That is perfect for outdoor naps in the afternoon! And you should have your very lwn lake too!! You look like an Olympian Athlete running up the shoreline!! And you acrually come ro a whistle!!! I know of no other Royalty who will do that!! Such a smart boy!! 🙂

    Shhhh….I’ll let you in on a secret…..shhhhh……those pictures of your Mom with those dogs……PHOTOSHOP! It’s FAKE!!!! Think about it. As riny as your Mom is, do you think she would allow a 125 lb dog who slobbers and drools on her lap?? Noooo waaaay!! Its FAKE!!!! And no dog can get that close to the Whie House with a vest back pack looking thing strapped arpund the.!

    MANNI!! Thank you so much for sharing your Man-carion with us! You and your dad clearly had a blast!! 🙂

    We can never get enough MANNI!!! 🙂 We know you have more pictures!!! We want to see them all!!

    Lots and lots of love and hugs….hugging isn’t cuddling 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  7. benny55

    Oh….And a PS! You can pass this onto your Mom about the BEING MORE DOG thing! Regrettably, I only got to spend minutes with some of the people I wanted to spend the most time! Actually, that of course ncludes everybody!!

    Anyway, had I been able to be where your Mom was getting her ” tutorial training”, I would have shared this “stratefy” GUARANTEED….GUARANTEED….to SNAP her back into the moment if she lets her mind wander!!

    Okay….here we go. Now you have ro do this okay?? While she’s sleeping find a rubber band and put it on her wrist. Everytime you see that she let’s her mind go to a aorrying place, or a sad place, or any negative thought whatsoever, you snap that rubber band as hard as you can in her wrist!!! ZAPP IT REALLY HARD!!! Make her say OOWW!! Do it everytime she has a negative thought!!! You MUST BE CONSISW!! And in a matter of hours, if that long, the pattern of negative will be vroken….And her wrist will be vloody and raw!!!!

    A d you can elicit her help on this project. After all, you can’t watch her 24/7….you’re ROYALTY!! So ask her to ZAP herself really hard anytime she takes herself to a negative thought!! GUARANTEED TO BRING HER BACK TO THE PRESENT AND TO BEING MORE DOG!!! 🙂 🙂
    Let e know how it goes, okay? And sneak a photonof the rubber band on the srist….before and after the ZAPPING!!

    Sending so much love…..

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  8. Purrkins

    Who needs a Mom Manni? Really ?
    YOU DO of course!! Really excited to see Mom & then pouting !! That means you Mr. Manni missed your MOM!! Nice try we know better!! We are glad you had a nice male-cation & Mom was able to go the the pawty of the century ! Tell your Mom we see a orange circle on the back of your RV that needs 3 paws:) painted inside:) Love the pictures & videos ! How smart are you getting in the trampoline & away from the young lady Jack Russell!!
    Holly & Purrkins

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