So, while I still have a few laughs in me, I thought I’d share with you.

Waldo, the little nightmare of a dog, oh! Did I do it again?? I mean Manni, of course. But you will understand my confusion when I share with you his latest antics. You know, you figure: hey! I have a tripawd dog that’s very sick, who needs a leash? and then you turn your back for a second and poof! he’s disappeared! He’s been making a new hobby out of this, I swear!!

I’ll show you what he’s been up to. But I’ll start you off nice and easy. I have hawks’ eyes by now and I’ll help you find him:

There! See him? No? Well, this is what I deal with on a daily basis!!

Ok, now that you had a little practice let’s see if you can get this one:

Found him? Good job!! Let’s move on to something harder. Let me remind you: ON A DAILY BASIS…

Not that easy anymore, is it? I am telling you, that little … has made this his new profession. He’s always been good at driving me nuts but he’s been taking this to new heights. Let’s see, what else do we have?

Need a hint for this one?? Do you?? Well, ok. Follow the leash…

Ha! Can’t find him here?? GOT YA! He’s inside. I just wanted to show you my cool tripawd plaque 🙂

And then there are the other times where he was either still practicing his hiding skills or I don’t know what he was thinking. A little too obvious if you ask me, but there you are. It’s nice for me to catch a break once in a while…

Really, huh?

It’s Mother Teresa! No! It’s Mother Manni!!

Nope. Sorry. Getting a wig will not lead you to greatness and that does not qualify as hiding…

You see what I’m dealing with here???

Sympathy, please?

And that’s not all. Noooooo, sir! You know: you put a time stamp on somebody’s butt and yet they just refuse to comply! instead, he gets up to all his usual antics:

I swear he was inside a second ago… well, somebody better be guarding the food I guess.

I mean, it’s nice they let you take even the stroller inside the pet store but I guess they didn’t expect this:


I really try to keep that boy busy. I mean I do! Really! And all this is how he thanks me!!

I mean, I know that it’s hard for him not to be able to move around as much as he did before so I take him on trips and I even invent little games:

As you can see and as usual: the only way he knows how to appear thankful is by sticking around a lot longer than anyone ever expected.

I guess that’s more than enough for me.