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adventures of Manni the wonderdog

Pimp My Ride – Spring edition

Did I just see this correctly?? Did he? He did, didn’t he? Take over my blog? That little… . Figures.


So spring has finally sprung here, finally. After horrendous rainfalls the sun came as a nice surprise. So out and about is where we go and of course we do it in style – so people know what’s coming for them 🙂

But first things first. The sun finally came out of hiding, temperatures slowly coming back up to decent, so here’s me thinking ‘hey, I finally get to take pictures of that insubordinate-yet-gorgeous pup again – so much nicer in the sunlight!’  This is what I got…

‘Lay in the SUN?? Me?? No way! It’s warm there! What are you thinking??’

So afterwards I get THE LOOK. Have I told you about THE LOOK yet??

It is a very much practiced tool the bugger has perfected over the years to get me to do EVERYTHING. From giving out treats to going for a walk to the (very occasional) cuddle. This is it:

So going for a walk it is. I heard ya. (*sigh*) Manni’s favorite places usually include a forest (game and shade) and lakes (for cooling paws and drinking)

And sometimes, just sometimes, we meet a potential new doggy friend (preferably female and HOT!) and then my ten-year-old turns into a two-year-old again, which lifts my spirits a lot:



However, no matter what you may be thinking I am not a total push-over. I AM NOT!

I demand payment for being at his beck- and-call, yes I do! In the form of doggy kisses


Although I am lucky if I get a single one. Usually it looks more like this:

‘Booooring!! Kissing is for giiirls!!’

So after the adventures of the first of the spring days I decided to take him to the barn with me. Manni grew up around horses and generally loves being outside. I don’t take him with me much anymore because it just gets really exhausting for him really quickly. Whenever I do take him now, though, he is really excited to be back in his old stomping grounds and he has to mark his territory in even the farthest corner. When I went to look for him again I couldn’t find him at first. So I looked around the barn and into each and every stall and came to find a very, very tired little fellow:

Hay and straw make for perfect bedding

To those of you whose dogs are also not into cuddling all that much: you know what I’m talking about when I say that a tired pup makes a fantastic victim for the human need for snuggling… 🙂

Rare moments cherished

So I half-carried him to the car to go home and sleep off the latest of our adventures properly. That means, of course, his own bed, mattress and all…



Shhhhhh, I better be quiet now. Don’t want to wake the baby. 🙂

More later…



  1. Michelle

    I love it. I can’t wait to meet you and make sure since Manni can’t make this long journey you bring pictures 🙂 Looks like he was worn out for sure. I love snuggling dogs

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • tinsch

      I can’t wait to meet everyone! and I wish I could bring Manni. i’ll make sure to bring pictures instead. I’ll pin them to my forehead so you recognize me ! lol! 🙂

  2. charliebear

    This is just what we at DaBears HQ envision as a heavenly day. What could be more perfect than hiding from the sun ( and cameras!), going on a ride, finding new friends and playing, being out and about in a barn with a hay bed (!!!), and even- EmmaRose is much like Manni in that way- avoiding the obvious kiss! Manni, you are a corker, a card, a character and a PERFECTOR of THE LOOK! With a look like that, well, Manni, we would do anything you asked of us! LOVE the day you shared with us, the SUPERWONDER DOG MANNI and dagnabbit, sorry we won’t be there to meet you. On the other hand, are you certain Manni won’t be running amok while you are away?!? Mmmmnnnn, Manni at the Zoo, Manni visiting School, Manni as Police Chief, Manni as Head Life Guard, Manni Heads the EU, Manni Dissolves Brexit, Manni Wins Over Merkel…MANNI! You are a true champ:)

    • tinsch

      Manni has been plotting to take over the world for the past ten years. At least that’s what I always thought of him. Charming sociopaths probably make for interesting world-autocrats… So maybe I shouldn’t be going??? 😮 Or maybe I should dress him up and book a seat next to mine?? He’ll have the flight attendants wrapped around his paw in no time, bringing him treats, puppacinos… 🙂 🙂

  3. dobemom

    Love the pics! Nitro is not a kisser, but he gives great hugs. I’m bringing my tripawd shirts that have his picture on them to the party in May….you could do this as well, and we’ll know you for sure! Can’t wait to meet you!
    Paula and Nitro

    • tinsch

      I’ll take hugs, too!! Manni doesn’t do those, either…

  4. mom2shelby

    LOVE it !!! He looks amazing!!!! Jasper cuddles best when she’s tuckered out too. It’s the best… Shelby always cuddled ! 🙂 But Jasper is getting better as she gets closer to me.

    We can’t wait to meet you too and I am pretty sure Jasper will snuggle with you. She tends to cuddle more w/people that aren’t her mama!

    • tinsch

      The backseat is mine!! (and Jaspers)
      Sorry Clare! I always really enjoy a dog that doesn’t just ‘endure’ me 🙂

  5. megstamum

    FABULOUS pictures. Manni is such a great character. I love his reproachful look; he has you totally on toast! Also so, so sweet where he is too tired to fight a snuggle. Precious moments indeed, Tina. Thank you for sharing them xxx

    • tinsch

      people always tell me “oh! he’s soooo cute!!” (*squeal*)
      my reply is usually “yeah, when he’s asleep…”

  6. otisandtess

    I love “the look.” He is absolutely talking to you. And it sounds like you both had such a great day!

    • tinsch

      He hasn’t just perfected THE LOOK, he’s also been getting more verbal as he is ageing – i’m not yet sure if I like that 🙂 If he starts talking I’ll quit! Somebody else can have my doggy-mom-job then!!
      As for the day: you know how it is, trying to make each day count. -If not during the week at least on weekends…

  7. purrkins

    Oh Manni ! Your eyes! They would melt anyone! How could you not give that boy everything! The pictures are priceless.
    You even got his name on his ride. 😀
    Purrkins sleeps the same way upside down like the;) The ultimate trust.

    • tinsch

      I swear he worked on that LOOK over the years. He was nowhere near as proficient at it when he was little…HE conditioned ME! I feel played all the time, but oh well, what can you do 😉
      and I’m sure Purrkins in sleep-mode is extremely cute, too *hint* *pictures??*

  8. benny55


    His Royal Carriage really is fit for a King….the King that Manni thinks he is!! Clearly he has hired you to be his Court Jester!

    I love how “puppyish” he became in that video. He’s apparently mastered the art of showing off for the girls 🙂

    It’s so much fun getting to know all about Manni and his “uniqueness”! And he really is unique in the best way! 🙂

    I love the relationship you have with Manni. You are soooo tuned jnto who he is and you let him be the dog he was born to be.

    Seeing him so rested and comfortable after his fun day is sooo sweet. Even though his cuddling and kissing moments .ay be brief, that’s what makes them so special! Your love for Manni is so evident…so front and center of everything you do for him!

    These pictures and this entre post put a huge grin on my face! 🙂

    Lots of love and hugs….and soooooo thrilled we are going to get to meet MANNI’s MOM!!! YAY!!! 🙂

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • tinsch

      LOL! Court Jester is really what I am!! 🙂 I should re-name myself here!! I usually call myself his very personal assistant, Court Jester is so much more fitting!!!
      Always trying to think of things to entertain him. so true! 🙂

      I do love him more than anything. and I feel like I owe him all the love, entertainment, strength and joy I can muster. He’s been reciprocating by staying a while…

  9. jerry

    Bhahahaha! Oh my dog YES we know what it’s like to have a dog who’s not into cuddling. Like Manni, our Wyatt will tolerate my smooshy-facing him when he’s pooped. It’s about the only time really. So like you, I make the most of it.

    What an adorable day, I’m so happy that spring is here for you!

    • tinsch

      We actually made up a word for this which translates to something like “forced-cuddling”. 🙂 Since he was a puppy he’s had to endure this. He tends to just sigh and turn away… 🙂

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