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adventures of Manni the wonderdog

Days befitting my rank.


Hey folks, come closer! I’ll tell you what I did last weekend.

Don’t tell mom I took over this blog, but I thought I’d give you my view on things for once. But shhhh, don’t tell..

So I know she told you about my Royal Carriage which we got because it’s just befitting my rank, really. But did you know, did you know that this thing actually converts to a carriage that’s pulled?? I didn’t!! So when I heard about that I kind of expected horses. Two white stallions, to be exact. Again, as befitting my rank, really. I mean, what else, huh?

So imagine my surprise when the folks got their old -I am not kidding- BIKES! out of the garage. I mean, the things that I used to run next to (and chased, if some stranger rode them, ahem..)! And you know what they did?? Do you?? They attached my Royal Carriage to one of them! Huh.

I was a little skeptical at first, after all, I am the one that’s supposed to be in front, checking everything out and see if it’s safe!! But as it turns out it was actually quite fun to ride in style.  And the folks let me check out the important places in between, so that they would know it was safe to go that way.

This is what the trip looked like:

Kinda cool, if you ask me. Finally, finally, the folks understood that it’s reaaaally befitting to be able to sniff all those good scents without having to get off of my palanquin! I was ready for someone to hand me the grapes but mom said they are poison for dogs. booooo!! She needs to work on her attitude, if you ask me!!

But at least I got her to do all the work:

So I was a liiiittle tired when we got back home. I mean, hey! That was a LOT of work for one day. And what do you think happened then?? Nooooo they didn’t let me have my beauty sleep, noooooooo. Instead, they dragged me to a restaurant.

Now, as you know, the best place in a restaurant is under the table for obvious reasons (like falling food) and, well-behaved as the folks mostly are, they let me have that place.

I don’t beg!! I am well behaved after all! (It’s just, It’s, just, really, YUMMY!!)

Boy, did I sleep soundly when we finally got home!!

And then came Sunday.

I thought I could sleep in but you know, if you live with people you have to keep them entertained. If only because the fridge is too high for me to reach.

So I humored my mom and went to the dog sport place with her. We hadn’t been in a few weeks because apparently people don’t handle the winter weather all that well. Duh, get a fur, idiots. But what can you do.

So I was still a little tired at first. (Yeah, we all know who’s to blame for that…) But after a while I remembered that I actually like that stuff. And I kind of like my mom’s expression if I make an effort, so it’s all good. Here’s my Olympic Medal Moment:

I know! I’m cute, right??

ssshhhhh, that guy? he’s oooold! I really don’t know what he’s doing in my Olympics group! He’s kinda nice, though.

oh, oops, gotta get off this keyboard, mom’s coming! See ya later folks, and remember, no telling!!!

Gotta run!

Manni  ♥♥



  1. teri

    Oh Manni, you are so very, very handsome, and that is the best carriage ever! But you’re probably better off with the bike than a horse. you know what they say, if you’re not the lead horse, the view never changes. But that’s probably true for bikes as well.
    And that face under the restaurant table! how are your humans not “accidently” tipping entire plates of food down to you?
    I’m so happy you are doing so well, and so athletic! Olympic medalist for sure!
    Keep those humans in line!
    Teri and Angel Isa

  2. benny55


    Yiu are indeed, ROYALTY! And clearly your humans are yiur loyal subjects! Ah, a horse drawn carriage wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as having your subjects huff and puff while you relax in your spa-like surroundings!

    You jad a really busy and active day sweet boy! You have a massive amount of stamina! But then sgain, Olympian Champions are spectacular athletes! 🙂

    I looooove the videomofnyou enjoying your carriage ride! ,I’m pretty sure I can see a smile on your face 🙂

    And that close-up of you NOT begging………….CUTEST THING EVER!! I absolutely adore that ohoto….those eyes…ohhhh my goodness…PRECIOUS!! 🙂

    And don’t worry Manni, your secret is safe with us! Just keep these fun updates coming, okay cutie pie?


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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